Young Professionals Network (YPN)

Real Estate and Online Professional Business Networking Helps Young Professionals Who Want To Learn Real Estate, Mortgage Lending, or small business.

Learn how to improve your online professional skills with a step by step mentoring & coaching program.

YPN has Short Online Video Courses which makes it fast and Easy to Learn Professional Development.

Have you ever felt like you don’t have a voice in this world? kind of like everybody’s too busy to listen because they have their own agenda’s? If so, YOU are exactly who we want to be working with us.

Young Professionals Network (YPN) helps take our fellow young professionals and transform them into a master of their profession in just 6 months. We offer a once per week mentoring program that you can take online or in person to master online business skills.

YPN will take you step by step and make you stand out of the crowd like you deserve by coaching, and mentoring you each step of the way. Young Professionals Network (YPN) will be your light in the dark business world.

Ask yourself this question, are you ready to shine bright?

I always shoot for the stars and if i miss it’s to “infinity and beyond”​
My name is David J Moore MBA and I want to team up with you.

I know what it’s like to feel lost, I know what it’s like to feel alone in this feel isolated and without a sense of purpose or direction. That is why I started Young Professionals Network (YPN)  it is so you will never have to experience that. YPN is Here to help you.

Spider-Man Once said “with great power comes great responsibility” We Understand that responsibility because we are parents, teachers, educators, mortgage and real estate professionals, husbands, wife’s and protectors of those that need a helping hand

We are all about and deeply committed to helping the millennial aged male or female make extra income and be successful. Whether success to you is advancing in your career, going back to school, starting a business, or simply making extra money  so you can spend more things with your family.

That is our mission for this website. It is a site to help teach and train millenniums how to make extra money and enjoy their lives a little better.

It’s a simple idea right?  Millennial are fortunate that we grew up in the information age.  We are fortunate to have all the tools and information available unlike our parents generation.  We just need to know where to look in order to access the true knowledge.

Sign up with us for free today & get a free domain of your own just for being a part of our membership community.

Young Professionals Network (YPN) The Future of Your Career is Today!